6. Camellias and bark 2- Noreen Donovan   4. Seasonal floating flowers - Margot Couper   2. Pincushion Hakea - Coral Page
Camellias (Floral Art)   Floating flowers   Pin Cushion Hakea


Each month, members are encouraged to bring exhibits from their garden.  These are placed on the Show bench according to the schedules set out below.   We are fortunate to have members in our Club who are horticultural judges, accredited by the Australian Horticultural Judges Association. In a spirit of friendly competition, our exhibits are judged for their freshness and excellence according to the rules of the Australian Horticultural Show and Judges manual (there are several copies in our library). 
Winning points are accrued over the year and small prizes are awarded at the December meeting.  Members enjoy this aspect of the meeting where we look at all the exhibits. It is always a source of discussion and learning, and it is a very effective way to improve and broaden our growing skills.
We need all exhibits to be placed on the show bench by 7.30pm for our 8pm meeting. There are always four stewards there to help you and please do not hesitate to ask if you would like advice or assistance.


Sections and Classes (including Floral Art):  Showbench schedule 2023

Fruit and vegetable exhibits numbers required (AHJA Manual)