All the dirt on compost Part 2

By  Leanne Mason

The compost heap has been quietly decomposing for about four weeks now, and has probably decreased by about 40% in size.  I have turned it a few times, twice using a garden fork and the other time trying out my compost turning gizmo.  I'm not convinced it is better overall but it is probably easier on the back if you have issues there. Surprisingly I found dry areas in the compost, despite recent rain. This is one reason to turn the pile, you find any potential problems - and deter varmints. Of course if I left it be, it would still have sorted itself out, it just takes longer.  I think I've probably spent about half an hour in the month, so not very demanding. 

I was happy to see lots of worms working away at the shredded paper, this means the compost is pretty close to ready to use. I tried to take their photo but they are very hard to see, perhaps worms are camera shy!