A day at Cranbourne RBG

By Ms Melissa Mackereth

I couldn’t wait to visit the Australian Garden at Cranbourne after John Arnott’s inspiring talk at our last meeting.  Despite the cloudy day, the gardens didn’t disappoint.

My favourite Corymbias (flowering gums) had almost finished flowering, but there was still plenty of colour with some gorgeous grevilleas and banksias in bloom. The many varieties of scaevolas (fan flowers) were prolific and forming beautiful purple, white and carpets. We took great delight in emulating the Leyland Brothers by spotting several small bandicoots. Alas no, they were black swamp rats apparently.

My first trip to the gardens was at least 13 years ago with my then 4-year-old son. I wondered how much time he’d allow me to enjoy the gardens before he’d get bored and things went pear shaped. But to my delight it was the exact opposite – I couldn’t get him out of the wading creek and off the play equipment constructed from tree trunks.

There’s so much to see and enjoy for all ages. It’s a pretty easy walk around the gardens, but for $10 you can hop on an open bus for a guided tour. My favourite part of each visit is enjoying a wine / coffee / cake in the café overlooking the garden and channelling inspiration into my own garden projects.

Open every day (except Christmas Day) 9am – 5pm and it’s FREE!

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